“The Feebris platform connects to a wide range of point-of-care devices (digital stethoscopes, wearables etc.). Signal processing algorithms extract important clinical insights and machine learning algorithms fuse information into actionable diagnostic outputs.”



I developed concepts and mockups for consideration of when Feebris would want to onboard more point-of-care devices, and also for consideration of extending the app to be able to work for care of elderly (since they are currently only working with children).


Understanding exactly what is needed and what we are trying to achieve is the first most important step.

On my paper sketches above, I drew out the possible functionalities - how they would look and act, in order to ensure it works both visually and functionally. This is also where I write out any questions I may have in relation to particular functions that need to be performed.

The left is an idea mockup of on-boarding more devices. After discussing with our developer, this was changed to a system-specific selection (such as a pop-up for Android or wheel picker for iOS).


Web Annotation Platform

The web annotation platform is to assist medical students/junior doctors in learning and self-study.

I sketched out ideas according to the pre-existing Feebris platform, with consideration of needing a more gamified, learning-based system as seen on the right.

Final 1 Questions.jpg
new doc 2019-06-26 15.21.03_3.jpg

After drafting a higher fidelity mockup of this sketch, I conducted some user interviews and usability tests with medical students in order to obtain feedback and find out more about their needs.

The feedback and information I gathered was invaluable because it allowed me to understand what exactly they needed and what their processes were. They described to me the process of seeing a patient and the guidelines they follow, which resulted in my mockup on the left, with specific terminology such as “Review of Symptoms”. This reiterates how important it is to know and understand who you are designing for!