I said change

The colour of your skin because black, brown, caramel, red, purple, green, yellow are all the wrong skin colours

I said change

Because only the lack of colour is the right colour

White skin

Told by television programs and advertisements and magazines that White is normal and that White is the majority

Tell that to the 1.4 billion people living in China

Tell that to the 3.7 million Chinese women who strive to have fairer skin and are afraid of nature’s vitamin D that is the sun because white skin is the ideal colour

I said change

Because we try to change ourselves to become like you

And don’t tell us to “just stop”

Because you have altered our culture to see you as the supreme race

And we have made ourselves subservient to you

I said change

Our history because you were the ones who enslaved us and colonised us and declared yourselves better than us

Through better technology and weaponry and money

But also through violence and sickness and death

You declared yourselves better than us when you declared yourselves in charge of our cities

And don’t try to tell me that “colonisation wasn’t that bad”

Tell that to Africa’s 400-year slave trade

Tell that to our still ever-evident racial discrimination against all minority groups

I said change

Because you have no right to belittle us and cast us aside when we are the ones building up your countries today

Because we are not “stealing your jobs”

If that were the case, how long have you been stealing ours?

I said change

Because your ads telling us we're "worth it" are lies when foreign names still have a lower chance of getting employed than someone with the last name "Smith"

Because you look down on us even though we have the same qualifications as our White counterparts

I said change

Because an Arab actor will be given roles of a terrorist regardless of his talent

And he will be told to “use his ethnicity as a playing card”

And to this I say fuck you

As if people with brown skin are the only terrorists

As if islamophobia isn’t already generated enough through the media

As if we are defined and generalised by the colour of our skin

Fuck you

I said change

Because your view of diversity is sprinkling a few coloured sprinkles on a tub of white icing

Because you try to tell us that you've changed and you're inclusive now!

And I will tell you that is bullshit because having three Brown girls among forty White is not 'diversity' it is a mockery of ethnic minorities

It is a mockery of our society

To think that we would believe you when you say that you are accepting of all races now

We are not that naïve

I said change

Because you continue to heavily advertise the white male protagonist in a 99% Chinese film

And you continue to say that this is diversity

I said change

Because why do we view Western education systems as better when the East produces just as worthy masses

Because I am a hypocrite for having been taught the British education system my whole life in an East Asian country

But I do not fail to acknowledge and admire the intellectual capacity of the local school kids

A talk of money and English-based teaching that makes us seem superior

But we are not

I said change

Because an Asian woman's worth is not measured by how well she paints your nails

And a Caribbean woman's worth is not measured by how well she cleans your kitchen

Because was Christopher Columbus' worth measured by how well he discovered the Americas?

He wasn't because he didn't discover the Americas, he was the first to make a lasting link between Europe and America

But is he celebrated for his initiation of colonisation?

Or is he celebrated for the introduction of the transatlantic slave trade?

I said change

Because pepper is not spicy

And the only heat you should know is from the fire when you burned your slaves alive

I said change

Because let us never forget Black and White toilets, Black and White bus compartments, Black and White library zones

You deemed Black people dirty simply because their skin colour was not pale white like yours

And you deemed them more primitive and "not as evolved" because their culture was different

I said change

Because you are scared of a religion that preaches peace

And you think that every Middle Eastern human being is a terrorist because ISIS is from the Middle East and the people who caused 9/11 were from the Middle East

Tell me, why aren't we scared of christians?

Do we forget that the KKK were a White terrorist group?

Do we forget that the KKK killed Black people in an attempt to restore White supremacy?

Do we forget that the majority of mass shootings in the US are committed by young White men?

Don't try to tell me that it's a religious thing or a colour thing

Because if you can differentiate the KKK from Christians then you can differentiate ISIS from Muslims

I said change

Because if you think refugees are the problem then you are part of the problem

I said change

Because you continue to appropriate our cultures with a lack of understanding of our history and where we come from

Because you keep taking our cultures and making it your own

Our cultures like props to you

Like a vase of flowers on your dinner table that you admire while indulging on your Chinese takeout, making one or two comments about how pretty the flowers look

Disregarding everything else except




I said change

Because we say 'your' history and 'my' history

But our history is your history and your history is our history

We strive for harmony but how is that possible when you dismiss the wounds you have inflicted on us

Our world is our history

I said change

But of course change doesn’t happen

Because who listens to the 19-year-old Chinese girl?