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End of years always spark this strange nostalgia and time of reminiscing; what was, what could've been, what will be.

What was?

2016 was when I "realised things" (Kylie Jenner 2K16). It was a year of, surprisingly, not much heartache, realising who the people who actually care about me are, realising who I genuinely want to spend my time with and spending time with those people, trying to socialise more and getting myself out there, a year of even more travelling and exploring, capturing moments and people, of loving wholeheartedly, and of trying to be more fearless.

What could've been?

I've learnt over the past few years to not regret. I speak my mind, try my hardest, and do whatever my heart desires. Our lives move too quickly to not say and do what we think and feel; these moments are fleeting.

What will be?

2017 will be what it will be. Time is just a concept.

Taken by Keefe Tiu