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I am back. A random decision, and hoping that it stays. No titles this time because they give me stress. A lot of things give me stress. Moving swiftly forward~

Natalie brought me to the infamous Instagram Pier and abandoned Hong Kong Academy because I know absolutely nothing about popular photo-taking locations in Hong Kong. Sunset and the sound of waves seem to also be the optimum location for deep meaningful conversations, but also the cozy spaces of HKU halls.

A part of conversation that stuck with me from this day was about growing up. Being in my second year of university and closing in on the big 2-0 is a big deal. The questions get heavier and the expectations start reaching its due date. How are your grades? Do you have a job? What are your plans for after university?

More often than not, my answer is: I don't fucking know.

It's as if the world is going to end if we don't go to university or don't get a first. You should be focusing on your studies! I am, but my work is also not my my entire life. I've realised that university is important because you're still figuring out what you really want to do with your life. University is when you're studying something you are more interested in than you were in high school, where you learn to be independent and 'find yourself' along the way. 

University is overrated. You don't always go to parties and meet new people and have fun at lectures (is this a stereotype? i am unsure). University is where you make the most of what you have (literally, that bank balance can and will drop very low), where you may cry a lot, and where you may have existential crises (yes, plural). However, it's also where you meet people who lessen your struggle and let you eat their leftover roasted potatoes.

~Shoutout to all my loves who make uni all the more worthwhile~

Taken by Natalie.