The beautiful parks of New York City- Union Square is one of many. The perfect amount of sunlight that filters through the trees (komorebi), the breeze, the lady doing yoga in a dress, life couldn't be better. I have a very heavy appreciation for nature and greenery, so you could say I was in my zone. 

Cycling through NYC was full of "I'm going to run you the fuck over", on my part. Although really, everyone else was probably thinking the same about me. Most of my time was spent focusing on moving my legs and making sure I didn't get run over, but the odd chances of relaxation were, for me, full of appreciation. Appreciation of this beautiful city that despite being full of concrete, is one that holds so much personality. 

I think that it is very important to stop sometimes, take in the present, take in your surroundings, and appreciate where you are at at that very moment. With circumstances aside, appreciate and rejoice in the fact that you are simply alive. 

If everyone just stopped for a while, even a very short while, I think things would be very different.

Serendipity: Making desirable discoveries by accident

Photography: BCHK

Top- Singapore | Jeans- Urban Outfitters | Shoes- Muji