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To be honest, I am just as confused as you are about this photo set. Why are there two editing styles you may ask? Well, because I didn't know how to edit the two coloured ones, so I went a little crazy and jazzed it up. Referring back to Concrete Jungle: Christine Ra, "embrace the variety".

I like to think that I am an adventurous person. I like to try new things and do new things. I'm going to count this as one of those 'new things' (and this website of course!!). Don't be afraid of the unknown. You don't know if you don't try, and you might stumble upon something you really enjoy or like.

It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves- in finding themselves. -Andre Gide


Channeling playful vibes and artsy vibes, the marriage of both is almost a, surprise. Pretending to be Jack and the Bean Stalk, I present to you, Mildred and the Roses. If I ever start a band, I'll be sure to name it that. I think we'd all be very disappointed if my band didn't play rock or indie music. Fear not, my dreams of becoming a singer/musician were long behind me when my mother said I sang Chinese songs better than English, and was surprised that I could pick my guitar.


This last photo is definitely my favourite of the set. I wasn't going to bring attention to this, but my amateur photoshop skills have given us a laughable occasion that will hopefully never happen again (it will)- let me bring your attention to my pinky. My pinky? Where is it? Ah. That is the unfortunate result of my photoshop skills. RIP pinky.

Top & Skirt- Nicholas