My trip to New York City has come and gone in more than a flash. A million thanks to my best friend and NYC partner in crime, Brian for taking these photos and being with me 24/5 (my trip was five days :) ).


I said on Instagram (check it out for all my NYC photos!) that this top will blow you away. Reason being- it has padding. A bra is not needed. Let me reiterate. For all my ladies out there, I repeat, this DOES NOT require a bra. Bless the makers of this top. Segway-ing into my realisation that my boobs are small enough to not actually need a bra with padding (!!!) which led to me buying a good six bralettes when in New York. 


More segway-ing into my realisation years ago that having a flat chest is a gift. I hear the stories of the big-breasted, and I cry for you. I used to loathe having no boobs and was constantly envious of those with the opposite. Until one day I realised that it is actually so much easier to live with small boobs. Sure, sometimes shirts don't fit very well, especially strapless ones or this top I'm wearing even, but in my general living of.. life, everything is easy, compared to what I have heard of the big boobs.


Bottom line is, appreciate your body and your assets. 


Top- Japan

Skirt- Maple

Shoes- Zara

Earrings- Stylenanda