As I experienced my first daylight savings descent into Winter, the sky darkening at 4PM, thin coats no longer warm enough, I too descend into routine and realisation.

Home is where you make it. Home is what you define it to be. Home is where you feel, at home.

It is so commonly said that "home is where the heart is", and that is true. But what is your definition of 'heart'? Often people associate the 'heart' as people. Where your family is, where your friends are, where your significant other is. What is your definition of 'heart'?

I don't have a definition of heart. Was that anti-climatic? Probably. The truth is that I don't always have an answer and I don't always have it figured out.

The truth is also that my heart is wherever I am, and currently that is London. London is home, and I feel at home. As materialistic as this may sound, home is where I have a comfortable bed and my belongings. The truth is hard, but this is the truth. Time-space convergence is both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you look at it. 

There are reasons I do not want to delve into as to why and how I am able to, in such a short period of two months, call London home. We are all different and you may not feel the same way, but know that whatever you feel, it's okay. It is okay to be homesick or not homesick or not feeling at home anywhere. 

As we descend into Winter (on the contrary London's weather is bright and shiny today) and perhaps miss the warmth and cuddles, remember that home is what you want it to be.


Top- Hong Kong//Pants- Urban Outfitters//Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell